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Toronto’s Street & Parking Lot Cleaners

A & G The Road Cleaners is the largest company for Toronto street cleaning, parking lot sweeping, and power sweeping services. We provide comprehensive cleaning solutions and street sweeping services for municipalities and commercial properties across Southern Ontario.

To manage our year-round road cleaning services in the GTA, our fleet of leading-edge street sweepers, water trucks, and dump trucks is the largest in the province. This allows us to be on live dispatch 24 hours a day, seven days a week, able to send out a street sweeper or road sweeper at a moment's notice.

Each commericial street sweeper, parking lot sweeper, or cleaning equipment we deploy keeps our road cleaning efficient, and environmentally-safe. We're as conscious about a clean environment as we are a clean municipal neighbourhood or commercial enterprise, always surpassing city environmental standards.

Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, A & G The Road Cleaners is the GTA's largest and most reliable company for Toronto street sweeping, parking lot sweeping, and commercial power sweeping!

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What our clients say about A&G

Good evening. I am sending this email because I wish to acknowledge the great job your snow plow driver did on my street today. I live on Wildwood Drive in Newmarket  and our street has quite the curve at the top - like the top of a candy cane. Usually the plows give one sweep and this leaves about three feet of snow in front of the driveways that the residents who live on that curve have to back through to get to the plowed part of the road. I don't live on THAT part of Wildwood but I was driving home when he was plowing there and he made sure the snow was removed right up to the end of the driveways, not just the middle of the road.

I got home and saw that he had been down my side of the road already and I had the usual pile of (really heavy) slushy snow to shovel from the end of my driveway. Figuring there's no time like the present, I parked my van, grabbed my shovel and got to work. A short time later your driver came down the other side of the street and when he saw this crazy old lady out there in short yoga pants shovelling the slush, he came over to my side, dropped his blade in the end of my driveway and scooped away what was left!

Rarely does one see such wonderful, kind acts!  Thank you so much and I will be telling the Town of Newmarket as well what a great job he did on our street!  I do not recall seeing A & G plowing our streets in the past but I hope you have a long contract with the Town!

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