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3 Tips to Prepare Your Parking Lot for the Winter

Posted on 28 September 2019
3 Tips to Prepare Your Parking Lot for the Winter

When the snow falls, the last thing that's probably on your mind is your commercial building's parking lot. After all, you need to think of a new way to disappoint your in-laws again when they visit for the holidays.

Preparing your parking lot for the winter is key to protecting it from costly damage the cold weather can bring. Here are three things you should take care of before the snow hits the ground.

Hire a Snow Removal Service Company

You probably short on time and equipment to plow away all that snow and ice. Owning a snow plow in Toronto isn't all that practical either.

Before winter comes, be sure to hire a reputable snow removal service company that works specifically on commercial properties. Do you research for the best combination of services, experience, and price to suit your Toronto snow removal needs. They should be well-equipped to handle the Ontario weather and snowfalls, including pre-wetting and salting for extra safety for drivers and pedestrians on the property.

Seal Your Parking Lot

Toronto's weather forecast is always inconsistent, and that's especially true in the wintertime. The freeze-thaw cycle that happens so commonly in the city can be a big problem for your parking lot's foundation. Cracks can fill with water runoff, and when the water in these cracks freeze, they'll expand, deepening cracks and creating potholes. This is a costly expense that could've been avoided at a fraction of the cost by sealing your commercial parking lot.

Now's (autumn) the time to do so well before the brutal weather hits. As a general rule of thumb, however, parking lots can use a fresh sealant every three years for optimal protection. This will ensure your parking lot is safe, functional, and protected from costly repairs or patchwork.

Tidy Up

While this isn't exclusive to the winter months, keeping your parking lot as clean as possible will go a long way in preserving its quality. Remove all the oil, grit, and other chemicals off the concrete and asphalt with a pressure washer (or better yet, employ professional washing services to do the job right). You'll boost the curb appeal of your parking lot while preventing chemicals from chipping away at your parking lot sealant.

Get your snow removal services for your commercial property and parking lot settled before the snow falls (and all the good companies are booked up!) and get in touch with A&G The Road Cleaners today.

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