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Sewer Cleaning and Hydro Excavation in Toronto

Maintaining a municipality's water infrastructure is imperative in filtering wastewater and storm water efficiently. This ensures a clean and sanitary environment, and a fresh, filtered water supply for the community.

A&G's provides sewer cleaning, catch basin cleaning, and hydro excavation services for municipalities across the GTA. From preventative maintenance to 24/7 emergency calls, we're Toronto's largest and most reliable sewer & catch basin cleaning service!

Sanitary Sewer Systems

A city's interweaving network of sewers, pipes, pumps, and lift stations require ongoing maintenance for clean, efficient performance.

We use high-powered, industry-leading vacuum trucks that are designed to meet the unique challenges of sewer systems. They can remove debris and gunk from hard to reach pipes and large catch basins, thanks to high-pressure water cleaning, and simultaneous vacuuming of the leftover debris and water into a collector. Vacuuming is also the preferred method to prepare a new sewer system for city inspection.

Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is a safe, non-invasive cleaning method that employs high-pressure water and industrial-strength vacuums to excavate and evacuate dust, dirt, and debris.

Manual or mechanical digging and cleaning methods can rip gas lines, or fiber optic cables buried underground, costing thousands of dollars in additional repairs. Our non-destructive hydro excavator breaks up soil or debris, and vacuums everything away into a waiting debris tank. We eliminate any risk of underground utility damage, and leave a smaller ecological footprint than traditional excavation techniques.

If you're in deep water and require a fast & efficient sewer system cleaning or hydro excavation, contact the professionals at A&G today!

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24/7 Emergency Response Units Available

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We have multiple locations to serve you better:GTA, Bolton Head Office, Barrie, Stoney Creek, Oshawa
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