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Get an Affordable Water Truck Rental in Toronto

You have a project that needs a water truck, but you won’t use it enough after the project is done to justify buying one. Renting a water truck from A&G The Road Cleaners is an affordable and reliable solution for anytime you need a portable water supply in the GTA.

Our water truck rentals come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, from larger water trucks suited to transporting a lot of water around large open-air spaces like construction sites, to smaller trucks made for smaller spaces, like a pool fill-up in your backyard.

Water truck services are commonly used in:

  • Construction Cleaning
    • Water trucks are a vital part of cleaning up an outdoor construction site, clearing the area of dust and debris.
  • Road Compaction
    • It's easier to compact soil when it's moist, so the construction industry often employs water trucks before and after construction projects for road or soil compaction.
  • Directional and Geothermal Drilling
    • Water trucks are often used for drilling with concentrated, high-pressure jets of water.
  • Dust Control
    • Excess dust creates a variety of health hazards for construction workers and passers-by. Water trucks dampen dust to prevent it from blowing around.
  • Water Delivery and Fill-up for:
    • Water Main Tests
    • Water Tanks
    • Reservoirs
    • Swimming Pools
  • Canon-enabled Sod Watering
    • It's important to wet new sod as soon as possible so that they don't dry out prematurely. Water trucks are often used to water large areas of sod with the right amount of pressure.

Whether you need a water truck to fill your pool water supply, for a power wash to clean up your construction site, or for other portable water requirements, get in touch for water truck rental rates today!

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24/7 Emergency Response Units Available

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We have multiple locations to serve you better:GTA, Bolton Head Office, Barrie, Stoney Creek, Oshawa
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