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4 Considerations for Asphalt Road Maintenance in the Summer

Posted by A&G Team on 14 May 2020
4 Considerations for Asphalt Road Maintenance in the Summer

Here in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), when hot or cold weather comes around, it tends to hit hard. Our winters are glacial, our summers are scorching, and we're lucky if we get anything in between at all.

As harsh as they can be on us, the seasons are even harsher on our roads, and with summer fast-approaching, there's lots to consider when it comes to asphalt road maintenance.

1. What Type of Asphalt is Being Used

There are three main types of asphalt on the roads today: hot asphalt, MC cold mix, and UPM. Whether your original asphalt road was rolled out in winter or summer, if you're doing any maintenance on it in the hotter months, you'll want to ensure that your construction crew uses hot asphalt to repair any imperfections, such as potholes and cracks.

2. How High or Low are the Road's Sun Exposure Levels

It's a well-known fact that asphalt pavement and UV rays don't always mix. While sunny roads are nice for a summer road trip, high levels of sun exposure can spell trouble for asphalt roads over time. As the heat gets absorbed, the road's surface temperature can rise to dangerous levels, causing your road to fade, crack, melt and/or dry out. If the asphalt road has little coverage, you'll need to consider a little more TLC than the usual package. Sealcoating your road using your preferred method or that recommended by a professional maintenance crew is an absolute-must for long term protection.

3. Should You Consider Dust Suppression?

Every year, Toronto summers hit a little differently from the last. Some are hot, dry, and dusty, while others offer higher levels of rain. In high-traffic urban areas, regardless of the weather, your asphalt road will begin to collect dust and dirt from its surroundings. Simply flushing the debris off with water often isn't enough to keep the area healthy and looking squeaky clean. A professional road cleaning crew, such as A&G, has a set of professional solutions to help keep dust at bay. If you're unsure about your options, it's always best to speak to your road cleaners to learn more about dust suppression.

4. Does Your Property Have Proper Drainage?

As early as spring, when ice and snow begin to melt, water damage can become a serious concern for your asphalt road. Any pools of water forming on the road's surface can cause cracks that eventually lead to further damage. If your asphalt road has any dips, make sure to take the initiative to nip the issue in the bud, before it potentially gets out of hand.

Remember asphalt is an investment, and proper maintenance helps you protect it! For all your road maintenance needs, contact A&G, your trusted GTA road cleaners today.

Author: A&G Team
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