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3 Surprising Benefits of Street Sweeping Services

Posted on 23 July 2018
3 Surprising Benefits of Street Sweeping Services

Think street sweeping services are just about making roads look better?

Think again! A road sweeper does so much more than improving aesthetics and reducing road wear. From protecting the environment to enhancing public safety, here are some of the unexpected benefits of street sweeping in Toronto.

Reduce Pollution with Street Sweeping in Toronto

Passing vehicles leave behind a plethora of pollutants in their wake. Gasoline, oil dripping, metal particles and waste end up coating roads over time. This nasty layer of toxicity proves a danger not only to local wildlife, but also to humans if vehicles kick up dust filled with contaminants. Or worse, if it gets picked up by storm water and carried into lakes and rivers.

The American Environmental Protection Agency named street sweeping services as one of the key elements of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, which is aimed at protecting waterways from contamination - and it's easy to see why!

Reduce Erosion

Water erodes even the hardest rock over time, and that process happens even quicker when debris blocks off storm drains and gutters. This leads to flooding that puts road wear on overdrive, meaning more frequent road work, and more headaches for road users. Regular street sweeping can add years to the life of pavement by limiting the effects of erosion.

Protecting Cyclists and Pedestrians

Road debris is one of the major dangers on the street for both motorists as well as pedestrians and cyclists. A rusty nail blowing out a tire or a large rock knocking a bicycle over are the sort of unexpected instances that lead to major accidents and even death for the road's most vulnerable users.

One of the most important benefits of street sweeping is removing these pieces of debris before they cause such accidents, thus keeping the roads safe for everyone who uses them.

More than just safety, street sweeping away debris also protects cars from dings and scratches caused by detritus.


Still curious about the surprising benefits of street sweeping?

Contact A&G The Road Cleaners today to learn more about what our fleet of PM10-compliant road sweepers can do for you. We've been street sweeping Toronto for 25 years for clients ranging from municipalities to private organizations.

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