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Commercial Property Cleaning: Preparing Your Property for Reopening

Posted by A&G Team on 2 June 2020
Commercial Property Cleaning: Preparing Your Property for Reopening

With more and more commercial properties beginning to open up in Ontario, it looks like the COVID-19 lockdown is slowly lifting; but this doesn't mean that the pandemic is over. It's more important now than ever to up your hygiene standards to the maximum and do your part to keep your customers, staff, and/or patients, as safe and healthy as possible when visiting your property.

Last month, the Ontario government published a set of guidelines and best practices for safe reopening. From agriculture to retail to mining, these rules and regulations highlight how businesses in each industry are required to handle their reopening when the time comes.

No matter what sector your company is in, all offices and public spaces will need to keep a closer eye on hygiene standards if they want to welcome people back in. These regulations are not only important, but they are also mandatory and will be closely monitored by representatives of the Ontario government for the next little while.

Increase Frequency of Environmental Cleaning & Manage High-Touch Surfaces

Carefully consider which areas of your commercial property are high-touch.

  • Any shared equipment such as printers, photocopiers, elevator buttons, door handles, countertops, and electronics need to be consistently cleaned and disinfected after every use.
  • High-touch areas need to be reduced and kept to a minimum, if possible. You can do this by keeping doors propped open to avoid touching handles, upgrading to no-touch hand dryers and touchless garbage bins, and in many other ways around your commercial property.
  • Implement clearances for use of shared equipment. If the number of people using the equipment is reduced, so is the risk.
  • For customer-facing businesses, offer contactless payment methods, if possible.

Consider an Outdoor Commercial Property Cleaning Service

While you do your best to maintain proper hygiene inside your commercial space, you'll need a professional team to take care of the building and surrounding premises. From parking lot flushing to power washing, you'll want to make sure that everything is spotless and disinfected, lowering the chances of someone bringing dirt and infection in.

At A&G, our team of commercial property cleaners has been on the frontlines throughout the pandemic. Our hygiene standards for personal protection, as well as the maintenance of your commercial property, are above and beyond the recommended regulations.

Contact us to learn more about our professional commercial property cleaning services; we'll help ease the transition and get you back to business safely.

Author:A&G Team

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