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A&G - The Eco-Friendly Road Cleaners

Posted by A&G Team on 12 August 2020
A&G - The Eco-Friendly Road Cleaners

Keeping our city streets clean and safe has been A&G's goal for over 25 years. As environmental sustainability knowledge has increased over the past quarter-century, so have our standards and equipment at A&G. We are committed to providing complete customer satisfaction with the most eco-friendly services. After all, if we believe in keeping the streets as clean as possible, we should be doing so in the cleanest way possible!

Helping Reach "Toronto Green Standard" Goals

The Toronto Green Standard was developed in 2006 and is the city's sustainable design requirement for new private and City-owned developments. One of the Toronto Green Standard's top priorities is to improve air quality and reduce the urban heat island effect. Each A&G street sweeper and parking lot sweeper is PM10-compliant and PM2.5-compliant. They measure and manage dust particles and air quality on the streets they clean. Preserving air quality and minimizing the spread of dust particles is of equal importance to keeping streets clean. Without these measures in place, people working or living in surrounding areas could suffer from respiratory or even cardiovascular difficulties.

Another priority of the Toronto Green Standard is to reduce stormwater runoff and potable water consumption while improving the quality of stormwater draining to Lake Ontario. With A&G's fleet of state-of-the-art water trucks and equipment, we are able to perform street flushing, which removes dust and debris from the roads and parking lots. By flushing streets and parking lots, this reduces residual debris from entering storm sewers, which enhances the quality of stormwater treated in the city's filtering process.

Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning Products

At A&G, environmental safety is one of our own top priorities and we ensure that our eco-friendly commercial cleaning products go above and beyond safety standards. A&G's commercial pressure washing service, for example, is tested and proven as a green-friendly alternative to removing tough dirt, grime, and debris. The pressure washers can even be used in the winter, as an eco-friendly way to melt and blast snow and ice away from any working area, without damaging the roads or pavement.

A&G also provides hydro excavation and sewage cleaning services. Hydro vacuum excavation, or hydrovac, is a safe, non-invasive cleaning method. Instead of manual or mechanical cleaning methods that can rip gas lines or fiber optic cables in the ground, A&G uses a hydro excavator to break up debris, and then a powerful vacuum to eliminate the debris and dirt into a special tank. This method leaves a much smaller ecological footprint than traditional water excavation techniques and protects systems in the ground from being damaged or disturbed.

A&G is committed to maintaining eco-friendly products and services, and consistently exceeds all safety and environmental regulations. A&G is known as the most environmentally-conscious fleet in the industry, and we plan to maintain this fact as we continue to serve the community!


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Author: A&G Team
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