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Heavy Equipment Transport in the Winter with Tilt and Load Trucks and Float Trailers

Posted on 1 January 2019
Heavy Equipment Transport in the Winter with Tilt and Load Trucks and Float Trailers

With the coming of winter, transporting equipment from site to site is harder and more dangerous than ever. That's why it's essential to have reliable tilt and load trucks, as well as heavy equipment float trailers.

The Winds of Winter and Tilt and Load Trucks

Everyone has experienced the stress of driving during a snow storm, but that tension is doubled when you're behind the wheel of a tilt and load truck hauling 50 tons of heavy machinery in the middle of a blizzard.

The risk of tipping is high, and sliding on ice is a constant hazard. Braking too hard even once can cause a serious accident and if the top portion of the float trailer isn't cleared of snow, it can end up plastering the windshields of motorists behind you.

Additionally, the cold and salt can have a serious degenerative effect on securement devices, causing them to break or snap if not regularly maintained.

The Finest Fleet of Tilt Trucks & Heavy Equipment Float Trailers in the GTA

To mitigate these dangers and ensure that your heavy machinery reaches your build site quickly and safely, contract A&G's fleet of state-of-the-art tilt trucks and heavy equipment float trailers. Hydraulic-powered, our tilt and load trucks feature a steel deck that allows them to load 50 tons of heavy machinery, as well as a hassle-free, remote-controlled winch power systems.

We also have a variety of heavy equipment float trailers, including our prized Landoll Tilt and Slide Trailer with roll-on/roll-off technology that makes loading and unloading equipment in the winter as easy as in summertime.


Contact A&G The Road Cleaners today to learn why our tilt trucks and heavy equipment float trailers are the most trusted by construction professionals in the GTA.


What our clients say about A&G

Second generation working with second generation, that's how long Paradise homes has been working exclusively with A&G The Road Cleaners Ltd.
Jeremy Baruch
I remember when Moshe and Abraham Tsherna were operating the equipment, now both of them have built and run one of the best road cleaning and hauling companies in the GTA or even Ontario.
Kyle Martin
I've been dealing with A&G The Road Cleaners for 20+ years, and like a fine Scotch, A&G only gets better with age. Professional attitude, quality work, and I'm always able to count on A&G The Road Cleaners no matter what the situation.
Frank Glenn

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