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Simplify Your Next Construction Project with a Tilt and Load Truck Rental

Posted on 9 December 2019
Simplify Your Next Construction Project with a Tilt and Load Truck Rental

According to a 2019 Report on Work Fatality and Injury Rates in Canada by the University of Regina, workplace injury rates have been on the rise in Ontario since 2017.

Many of these injuries can be associated to heavy lifting, which affects a number of occupations from retail workers to construction crews.

For the latter in particular, a number of workplace safety hazards can be avoided by simply investing in the right equipment. For safer and more efficient heavy lifting on Toronto or GTA construction sites, a tilt and load truck rental can ensure your crew's peace of mind.

What are Tilt & Load Trucks and Trailers?

Unlike your conventional car or equipment trailers, tilt and load truck trailers feature a tilting deck that makes loading and offloading heavy equipment, materials, and machinery so easy, your grandma could do it (don't test this).

A&G The Road Cleaners tilt and load truck rental service offers modern tilt and load trucks equipped with steel decks, allowing them to haul loads up to 50 tons. The remote control winch power system enables you to lift and transport nonoperational equipment, like construction forklifts or skid-steers that require off-site maintenance.

For large heavy machinery loads, including rollers, pavers, large containers, multiple forklifts, scissor lifts, and more, you can rent our Landoll Tilt and Slide Trailers, which is what they were primarily intended for.

How Do Tilt and Load Trailer Decks Work?

There are two main types of tilt and load trailer decks: Sliding and hydraulic.

Hydraulic tilt trailers operate via hydraulic power units; when it comes time to load your materials or equipment, you pressurize the deck and set the optimal position for loading and/or offloading.

Sliding trailers requires the vehicle itself to operate the trailer deck, and to set it in the correct position for loading/offloading.

Tilt and Load Truck Advantages

Besides having mercy on your worker's backs, tilt and load trucks afford a number of benefits to your construction job:

  • Workplace Safety - The main reason to rent a tilt and load truck is it eliminates the need to lift or slide out loading ramps. This makes your workers virtually immune to the vast number of occupational hazards related to heavy lifting (and there's a lot). They'll feel safer, and should be more productive for it over the course of the project.
  • Efficiency - With tilt and load trailer technology in your hands, those days of tilting the deck manually are far behind us. All you need to do to lift a ginormous load is simply pull the lever, and the heavy lifting is literally done for you. This makes material and transportation more efficient, saving you time on project ETA.
  • Space - Since the loading ramps can fold up onto the trailer, they can take up a large amount of space that should really be for your carrying load. With a tilt trailer instead, your equipment uses all the space in the truck, allowing you to move more per load.

Got an upcoming job that requires heavy lifting? Make the project easy on you and your crew with a tilt and load truck rental in Toronto and GTA. Get in touch for our rates, or check out some of our used road maintenance equipment to invest in something more long-lasting.

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