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The Benefits of Hydro Excavation for Your Bolton Property

Posted on 9 March 2020
The Benefits of Hydro Excavation for Your Bolton Property

Imagine you need to move tons and tons of soil from your commercial property in Bolton, and you've decided to use an auger for that deep drilling.

At about 4-feet, the auger stutters, and the person on the drill stops to see if he's hit a rock. Nope at a closer look, he didn't hit a rock, but pierced right through a gas line connected to the entire commercial building.

This (extremely) costly anecdote isn't as uncommon as you'd think, and one of the many reasons commercial property owners and construction foreman alike turn to hydro excavation to dig and move soil.

So, what is hydro excavation anyway?

Hydro excavation is a non-mechanical, eco-friendly, and safe alternative used to dig and move large volumes of soil or ground. Using highly pressurized water through an air vacuum, the hydro excavator moves soil efficiently and safely, with the air vacuum transferring the soil to a debris tank for a relatively clean job.

Hydrovac is preferred in a number of different industries, including excavation, plumbing pipes and sewers, posts/poles installation, and many more industrial applications.

The advantages of hydro excavation

Hydro excavation offers a number of benefits compared to traditional digging methods, including:

  • Efficiency: Hydrovac gets the digging job done faster and more accurately, with much less effort from workers. Trust us your crew will thank you for renting a hydrovac truck, or getting some local hydro excavation services on site, as they'll much prefer a day of operating the accessible equipment vs. digging with good ol' fashioned tools.
  • Cost: The ability to dig and move soil with high accuracy translates to lower costs from the perspective of saving on potential damages. Traditional digging methods are more susceptible to human error, like a person on the crew digging through a power line, surrounding pipes, or other important areas of the environment. Hydro vac can help ensure you're not accruing this unnecessary costs that are easily avoidable, as well as added repairs or backfilling as a result of digging gone awry.
  • Safety: Pipes, power lines, and anything else underground isn't the only thing that's safer when hydro excavating. Your team also benefits from the safety hydro excavation provides, namely through operating the hands-off equipment to do all the digging. Leaving their shovels and tools at home, they won't need to worry about hitting utility lines and getting shocked, or hitting a pipeline and getting soaked. Plus, digging through all that soil is tough on the body, too!
  • Environmentally-Friendly: Due to the precision of hydro excavators, they're less invasive to the environment compared to other, traditional methods of excavation. No chemicals are used at any point of the process, just water. And because the vacuum contains all dirt and debris in the storage tank, dirt doesn't spill onto roads or properties, keeping nearby areas clean.

If you have a large digging project on the horizon maybe you're in need of new plumbing, undergoing a construction project, or are landscaping, for example get in touch with A&G The Road Cleaners about our hydro excavation services in Bolton and the GTA.

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