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A&G Sewer Cleaning

Posted by A&G Team on 22 September 2022
A&G Sewer Cleaning

In buildings, they are one of the most commonly used areas, but when it comes to maintenance, often underlooked areas. What happens with all of the garbage, debris and associated items that we flush down our toilets, into our tanks and sewage systems? 

Blockages: Without proper sewage cleaning, all of the debris that goes down our drains can become blocked. When a sewage blockage occurs, the wastewater and associated debris cannot properly enter the waste system. 

Harmful microorganisms in sewage water: Why is it so important to get rid of wastewater? The term “harmful bacteria” describes toxic Microorganisms found in sewage water. These Microorganisms include E. Coli, salmonella, parasites, funguses and viruses that can cause lung, intestinal and other serious illnesses. 

Who needs sewage cleaning? If you own a property, it is highly recommended to invest in sewage cleaning. The proximity of your building to urban areas defines the amount of sewage cleaning required for your property as those areas have higher amounts of harmful wastewater.

A&G sewage cleaning 

We use high-powered, industry-leading vacuum trucks that are designed to meet the unique challenges of sewage clean-up. They can remove debris and gunk from hard-to-reach pipes and large catch basins, thanks to high-pressure water cleaning, and simultaneous vacuuming of the leftover debris and water into a collector. Vacuuming is also the preferred method to prepare a new sewer system for city inspection. 

Hydro excavation

Hydro vacuum excavation, or hydro-vac, is a safe, non-invasive cleaning method that employs high-pressure water and industrial-strength vacuums from a hydro excavation truck to excavate and evacuate dust, dirt, and debris.

Manual or mechanical digging

Manual or mechanical digging and cleaning methods can rip gas lines or fibre optic cables buried underground, costing thousands of dollars in repairs. Our non-invasive hydro excavator breaks up soil or debris, and vacuums everything away into a waiting debris tank. We eliminate any risk of underground utility damage and leave a smaller ecological footprint than traditional water excavation techniques. If you're in deep water and require a fast and efficient sewer cleaning service or hydro-vac excavation, contact the professionals at A&G The Road Cleaners today! 

For over 25 years, our family-owned and operated Toronto power sweeping, street sweeping and road cleaning services have established themselves as customer-first - without you, there would be no business after all. Led by our friendly and knowledgeable staff, we've grown into one of the largest street sweeping companies in Toronto, outfitted with industry-leading street sweepers, road cleaning equipment, and infrastructure to manage any municipal or commercial job.

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What our clients say about A&G

Second generation working with second generation, that's how long Paradise homes has been working exclusively with A&G The Road Cleaners Ltd.
Jeremy Baruch
I remember when Moshe and Abraham Tsherna were operating the equipment, now both of them have built and run one of the best road cleaning and hauling companies in the GTA or even Ontario.
Kyle Martin
I've been dealing with A&G The Road Cleaners for 20+ years, and like a fine Scotch, A&G only gets better with age. Professional attitude, quality work, and I'm always able to count on A&G The Road Cleaners no matter what the situation.
Frank Glenn

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