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Why You Need Professional Snow Removal Services for Your Commercial Property

Posted on 8 November 2019
Why You Need Professional Snow Removal Services for Your Commercial Property

If you're still in denial that winter is on its way, it's time to wake up and face the music. Every year, GTA residents get a not-so-gentle reminder that our winters are brutal and that when our snow falls, it falls hard.

Consider making your life a little easier this year by taking advantage of professional snow removal services to get the job done right and save you from having to deal with horrendous weather all winter long.

Did You Know You Can Get Fined for Improper Snow Removal in Toronto and the GTA

In the city of Toronto, failing to remove snow from your commercial property can actually leave you paying a hefty penalty enforceable by Toronto bylaw. For pubic property owners, the charge for not removing snow within the first 12 hours of a snowfall is $125. What's more, when the city is unable to clear sidewalks that are adjacent to your property, that becomes the owners' responsibility as well.

To avoid paying fines and having to clear snow within such a tight timeframe, it's best for property owners to sign a contract with a professional snow removal company in Toronto and the GTA.

Snow Removal Companies Have the Equipment that You Don't

No matter how sophisticated your hand-held shovel, it'll never beat the heavy equipment that professional snow removal companies have to offer. If need-be, A&G Road Cleaners will come in with an entire fleet of trucks to clear your property as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Snow removal companies are required to keep all equipment up-to-scratch and keep up with the latest available equipment on the market.

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Professionals Have the Best De-Icing Methods

Ice on your property is not only annoying, it's a serious hazard. Sand or salt, whatever option you choose for commercial de-icing, it can get messy and end up either destroying your property or eating away at your winter boots without really making a dent on the ice. Snow removal professionals have specialized chemicals and techniques that are made specifically for dealing with thick layers of unwanted ice.  

They're More Careful with Your Property

You spend a lot of money maintaining your property, so why would you risk damaging it during the winter?

Professional snow removal companies have the expertise it takes to navigate their way around your commercial property without harming your expensive interlocking, pavement, or winter garden.

Snow Removal Companies are Better at Dealing with Wet Snow

The Old Farmer's Almanac is calling for a wet winter this year. That means heavy, dense, wet snow that's difficult to shovel. Combined with the severe winds that we're being promised, the conditions are less than ideal for manual snow removal on your property.

Take a load off this year by investing in professional snow removal services for your commercial property, A&G Road Cleaners can help.

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