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Street Cleaning in Stoney Creek

A&G The Road Cleaners proudly offers commercial power sweepingand street sweeping services, power washing, live bottom trailer rentals, and other related street cleaning services in Stoney Creek.

Street Sweeping and Parking Sweeping

A&G's experienced Stoney Creek road cleaners and parking lot cleaners manage a state-of-the-art street sweeper fleet that allows us to schedule road cleaning services to your specific needs.
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Street Flushing and Parking Lot Flushing

Maintain curb appeal and keep the environment and water supply clean with premier street flushing, parking lot flushing, and water truck services in Stoney Creek.
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Power Washing / Water Supplies

A&G The Road Cleaners Stoney Creek's power washing services create curb appeal and add longevity to building exteriors and paved roads.
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Dump Trucks

A dump truck rental from A&G The Road Cleaners is a solid, affordable solution for Stoney Creek construction companies transporting loose materials to and from a work site.
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Live Bottom Trailers

When the job is too difficult for a traditional dump truck, A&G Stoney Creek has you covered with reliable and affordable live bottom trailers that you can rent in three different load sizes.
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Sewer Cleaning & Hydro Excavation

A&G uses high-powered, industry-leading vacuum trucks for sewer drain cleaning, and a non-invasive hydro excavator for hydro vacuum excavation in Stoney Creek.
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Disposal Bins

Disposal bins, trash removal, and waste management on a job site or commercial property is essential to Stoney Creek's infrastructure and sustainability. Our garbage bin rental service is a simple, cost effective, and environmentally-responsible waste management solution.
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Tilt, Load & Float Services

You can transport anything within Stoney Creek through A&G's tilt, load, and float services, ideal for moving materials and machines to and from construction sites.
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Municipal Snow Plowing & Salting

A&G The Road Cleaner's comprehensive snow plowing and salting services provide additional value to the city of Barrie by reducing hazards of slippery roads and commercial properties for motorists and pedestrians, maintaining safe school bus routes for children, and more.
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Site Cleanup

Clean up your Stoney Creek construction site with A&G's site clean-up services. In addition to clearing away the large pieces of junk, we're diligent in removing every speck of dust, debris, and clutter on-site.
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Crash Trucks

Your staff will feel more at ease with impact attenuator-equipped crash trucks while they work on Stoney Creek's highways and road closures.
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