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Why Fall is a great season for street sweeping

Posted by A&G Team on 27 October 2022
Why Fall is a great season for street sweeping

The pumpkins are out, decorations are up, and little ones in costumes are enjoying the crisp fall air and abruptly opening their candy in between trick or treating. Autumn brings beautiful colours to our neighbourhood, and with street sweeping, to dispose of waste and improve our environment, the sights and activities we love during fall are more enjoyable. 

New Seasonal Changes 

Back-to-school shopping is done, the flannels are out and the crisp fresh air brings a sense of calmness. During the fall season, we prepare for new starts and fresh beginnings. While setting your seasonal intentions street sweeping brings positive change to your community as streets that implement regular street sweeping are significantly more enjoyable. People who live within neighbourhoods that have regular street sweeping are more likely to keep their front lawns clean, as they take pride in their surrounding area and cleanly swept streets. 

Autumn Leaves & Debris 

Street sweeping regularly uses specialty machinery to efficiently remove debris and hazards from roads, gutters and bike lanes protecting the safety of commuters within the community as well as the overall environment. During the fall season, the regular debris and hazards associated with dirty streets are amplified. From dead grass to piled-up acorns, and broken branches, due to a large number of leaves, it is difficult to know what hazards are on the ground which is dangerous for pedestrians to walk on and vehicles to drive over. 

Fall Brings Heavy Rain

One of the main reasons that fall is the best season for street sweeping, is due to a large amount of rain. During the rainy time of the month, all of the leaves that are turning vivid shades of oranges, yellows and reds, when not properly disposed of, clutter gutters, and increase hazards due to slippery leaves including road collisions, skids and falls and endanger essential tasks. 

Street sweeping during autumn is essential seasonal maintenance. By using specialty vacuums, sweepers and blowers, the most reliable way to have a safe and clean street in October are through street sweeping. Simply raking leaves from your lawn and piling them onto the road increases clogged gutters and we recommend avoiding this at all costs. Luckily, street sweepers have specialty disposal bins, to safely and effectively remove leaves and debris from curbs, bike lanes, basins, driveways and parking lots

As the cooler temperatures approach, street sweeping ensures effective waste management so you can enjoy going apple picking, adventuring on nature hikes and carving out jack o lanterns. We suggest sweeping prior to the rain-heavy part of the fall season. To plan ahead for your seasonal street sweeping, contact us today! 

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