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The Advantages of Professional Snow Removal Services

Posted by A&G Team on 28 November 2023
The Advantages of Professional Snow Removal Services

Advantage 1: Investing in a professional snow removal contractor will save you time and money:

Snow removal tools and equipment can be costly. At the beginning of each winter season, between spending more money on our heating bills, and investing in new winter jackets and boots, purchasing shovels, salts, and other snow removal tools is expensive. With Christmas around the corner, give yourself the gift of relaxation this season by slowing down the steep spending that can result from seasonal snow prevention purchases. 

Advantage 2: Professional Snow Removal Services Protect Your Health

Movement is extremely important for our overall health. However, the wrong types of movement, such as bending or reaching the wrong way can cause negative health results. The movements that are required for shovelling snow can cause stress and strain on your body. Professional snow removal contractors have the necessary tools and equipment to remove large and heavy amounts of snow with ease. 

Advantage 3: Professional Snow Removal Services Utilize State-of-the-art Snow Removal Equipment 

From utilizing vehicles to move wet and heavy snow to implementing blades to cut through thick and layered ice, professional snow removal companies have the tools and technology to break through every snow build-up challenge. When it comes to maintaining curb appeal, and having a snow removal service you can depend on, investing in professional snow removal services means that you will have professional results. This winter, go into the season with snow removal services that you can rely on to keep your driveway and streets hazard and ice-free. 

About A & G’s Municipal Snow Plowing Services: 

A&G The Road Cleaners' comprehensive snow plowing services and state-of-the-art snow plow equipment include more than simply clearing roads or parking lots. Our snow plow services provide additional value through:

  • Reducing hazards of slippery roads and commercial properties for motorists and pedestrians

  • Minimizing economic losses in the community, or your commercial property, due to inaccessibility to the area

  • Maintaining safe school bus routes for children

  • Meeting or surpassing Minimum Maintenance Standards (MMS), as defined by the Ontario Government

  • Offering job and construction sites added salting and commercial snow plowing

Along with emergency commercial snow removal services, which we provide 24/7, we also specialize in preparing streets for heavy snowfalls. Through a combination of pre-wetting, salting, and sanding, our road cleaning services make roadways more manageable post-snow storm, and prevent the build-up of ice.

Book A & G’s Road Salting and Snow Plowing Services Today!

Don't let ice and snow get in the way, book our commercial road salting and snow plowing services today! In addition to our emergency commercial snow plowing services, available 24/7, we also specialize in preparing streets for heavy snowfalls, through a combination of pre-wetting, salting, and sanding. For more information on A&G The Road Cleaners' and our Snow Plowing Services, contact us today! 

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