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A&G’s Tips For Commuting In The Winter

Posted by A&G Team on 7 February 2022
A&G’s Tips For Commuting In The Winter

Now that the January lockdown has ended, life in the GTA is changing once again and many people are headed back to work. Even as Toronto braces for more snow, A&G is ready. Here are our best tips for getting back to commuting in the winter.

Avoid Trips, Slips and Falls on Foot

Your commute starts before you even get to your car, and we can’t say it enough: road salt, road salt, road salt! Spreading salt on your driveway, walkways and even the sidewalk outside your home prevents trips and slips on your way out the door, and prevents more ice from forming.

Check if the roadways in your neighborhood are salted, as well. Municipalities generally keep roads salted within a day of snowfall. Nevertheless, the first step of preparedness starts with assessing the danger. If you don’t believe that the roads are safe to drive on, trust your gut!

Emergency Car Kits Can Be a Lifesaver when Commuting in the Winter!

You know your commute like the back of your hand, and you’re familiar with every twist and turn of the journey. However, prepared as we might be for the ups and downs of our commute, we can’t always control unexpected weather events or their effects on our vehicles.

Winter car preparedness starts with checking local weather advisories before heading out in the morning, and (just like your mother always said!), dressing appropriately. Even if you don’t wear them while driving, always make sure to bring a warm coat, mittens or gloves, a hat, and a scarf with you whenever you drive in the winter. When you do choose to head out, there are additional steps you can take to stay prepared for sudden snow storms or bad weather. 

Make sure you have a winter emergency kit prepared and in an easy-to-access-location in your car. It should include basics such as food, warm clothing, candles and maps; you can also have a first-aid kit, and, of course, water. Many retailers sell winter emergency kits, but you can also easily make your own. Check out the Government of Canada’s page on emergency car kits for a complete checklist of what to include.

Get snow clearing services to keep your parking lot accessible

This one goes out to business owners, employers and municipalities. You can keep your business running smoothly with professional snow plowing services that won’t leave wondering if your customers and employees will have a place to park or worse, if they’ll even be able to access the building after their commute.

Thanks to A&G’s 24-hour on-call service, it’s easier than ever to get quick, affordable snow clearing service when you need them the most. 

Contact us to find out more about how our services can benefit your business, your employees, and your whole community!

Author:A&G Team

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